Faith in action

At Umstead Park UCC, Faith in Action (FIA) means active involvement in social justice issues and bringing the model of Jesus to life in today’s world. FIA supports international issues and works to bring greater equality and advantage to all people. We do this through support of organizations like Partners in Health, our growing Microfinance initiative, Carolina Interfaith Taskforce for Central American (CITCA), and support of PFLAG (parents/friends/families of lesbians and gays).

Umstead Park UCC is a strong supporter of the wider ministries of the United Church of Christ. Each year, we contribute a significant portion of our Faith In Action monies to the UCC’s OCWM funds (Our Church’s Wider Mission). For more information on OCWM, see

In addition to looking at the needs of the wider world, FIA is also committed to the stewardship of our local environment and support of local organizations. The Neuse River Cleanup, work with Urban Ministries, support of the Magnificent Mile Race and supporting the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ) certification of our renovated church building are all examples of this.

With our steps toward a mutual relationship with the wider world, we will:

  • Share freely of our wealth and resources; 
  • Recognize our identity as global citizens, intimately tied to and partnered with all of God's children in every land; 
  • Demonstrate our concern for neighbor through service and prophetic voice; 
  • Claim our inescapable connection with the sacred earth and all of creation; 
  • Live justice as the social expression of love, and peace as the present manifestation of the world to come. 

                                                                                  (from the UPUCC Covenant)